Top 7 moments from #TheExperience10 concert

The Experience 10 lightsThis year’s The Experience Lagos was lit!

As usual, the mainbowl of the Tafawa Balewa Square, its cricket pitches and the bleachers were overflowing with eager worshippers.

The event kicked off at around 7.30pm amid shouts of joy, excited whistling and thunderous applause.

But what were our top 7 moments from the event that ended on Saturday morning?
1. The praise and worship

If you did not know about the incredible praise and worship that House on the Rock is capable of, this was your chance to bask in it. From Minister Eric Arubayi singing Ancient of Days to Onos Ariyo belting out Alagbara in different octaves, it was a glorious opening to what was a great time in the presence of God.

2. Kim Burrell’s debut

Kim Burrell has been to other churches and other concerts in Nigeria, but this was her first time at The Experience Lagos. And what an arrival it was. The sweet-voiced American led the 700,000-strong choir is powerful worship, before bursting out into ‘Na You’, backed up by a music director from COZA. Who can only forget Miss Burrell hijacking Donnie McClurkin’s set?

3. Micah Stampley

Micah Stampley consistently delivers. And this year, it was not different. What probably threw off most of the congregation, was that the Heaven on Earth crooner sprinkled in more Nigerian songs, as a captive crowd yelled and clapped.

4. Local artistes hold their own

It was good to see that Nigerian acts did not have an inferiority complex alongside their foreign counterparts. Midnight Crew brought down the roof with their explosive performance. Sammie Okposo opened the concert with typical energy. Chioma Jesus closed it on a high.

5. The national anthem

Pastor Paul Adefarasin, the covener of The Experience Lagos, called up Ministers Chee, Onos and Nathaniel Bassey for the rendition of the Nigerian national anthem. And what a rendition it was. The trio sang the two stanzas with passion and skill.

6. Don Moen’s worship session

Don Moen is often regarded as the ‘grandfather of worship’. And like fine wine, he gets better. The softly-spoken man, ever so simple and classy, took the stage and pulled out from his impressive discography, to bless the people of God.

7. Turn on the lights!

One of our favourite moments from The Experience Lagos 10, was Pastor Donnie McClurkin asking everyone with cellphones to turn on the lights. What followed was hundreds of thousands of flickers here and there, accompanied by a stream of voices in worship. Hair-raising stuff.


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