Why – and how – you need to understand the greatness of Vic O

Vic-OIf I had to beat it to you ears, you wouldn’t still understand the fact that in the year 2015, one major Nigerian celebrity that has rocked most of our TV screens with very inspiring and touching interviews is none other person than the great mystro of Hip Hop Rap World, “Vic O”. One cannot possibly measure or emphasis the greatness of this big Icon that has come to stay in our midst as a “Hip Hop Rap god”.

Okay, there was this scenario that happened sometimes last year!!! Walking into a room where gentlemen and ladies of the crème de la crème were seated, there was a sudden murmur of surprise and gimmicks has people started to speak in low tones, probably not to offend the great mystro, has he made his way to seat in the front row. No doubt, the entrance of Vic O in the building brought about talks of him, after all, in Nigeria, you are not known if you’re not talked about.

The “After parry” crooner over the years have been able to stay relevant in the Nigerian comedic circle, sorry, Music circle after releasing videos and bringing about consistent interviews to our views. Vic O is really a true “Papi Chulo”, you don’t wanna mess with that fact.

Do you guys really know what it means to be contracted, confracted, confacted, contacted, whatever; by Jay Z’s younger brother for an International collaboration? Oh yes, You read that right!!! Jay Z indirectly called Vic O on his mobile number and politely asked him for a collaboration. Whatever happened afterwards to Vic O’s phone is still a mystery as it seems that his Calabar witches are keen on bringing him down. No shaking whatsoever, that still shows the efficacy of Vic O in the International Industry.

To be honest, Vic O never seizes to amaze us all.

Year in Year out, Vic O has released tracks such as “She Carry, Look Uche Face, Google Plus, Drake and Meek Mill diss and other banging hot singles amongst which include “After Parry” which brought him Straight Outta Calabar into limelight”.

No racial discrimination or colour differentials, White Vic O travelled to Italy with his Sister’s husband and decided to pursue a career in music, worked in an Italian bakery to make ends meet, and embarked on a musical journey bring back the “Hip Hop Rap World” culture that was allegedly lost in the Nigerian Music scene – not like it was lost before, but Vic O just felt something wasn’t right with it – we would always believe he felt right!!! After all, he is the Great Vic O.

With no award to his credits, we believe the Great Vic O doesn’t need awards to bring back a lost culture of “Hip Hop Rap World”, all he needs are his loyal followers from the VICOLEE TEMPLE.

Great Daddy Vic O, as we await your retribution of what Rap really is, your followers need you to bless us with more hit singles and help raise Drake and Meek mill back from where you buried them, Please sir, we need them back Sir!!!

All Hail King Vic O!


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