Video Review: In ‘Softwork’, life is just a series of endless parties for Falz

Cinematically panned shots of the Lagos Island have never been a tough sell for a vignette of the Nigerian Hipster aesthetic. This why we were already prepared to see Falz Soft Work video to the end from the moment its opening sequence started off with a Falz flanked by Chyn and producer Sess in the backseat. All three donning fedora hats, dressed in vintage prints and driving in a 1972 Mercedes-Benz SL convertible.

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Shots are alternated between this opening sequence and a day time yard party, with Falz fulfilling brand ambassador duties by sitting on a big yellow couch as an homage to MTN. We return to Falz and his cronies gate-crashing an Owambe and hijacking the stage of the designated live band to deliver an even livelier performance. But even owning a performance he’d been unprepared for was not the peak of a typical Soft Work day in the life of Falz, as another party was immediately underway. This time in a poorly lit basement with grinding waists, red cups and coloured fluorescent lights.

Falz is slowly rewriting all of the scripts we have already grown over familiar with in Nigerian music filmmaking. His most recent videos have been successful with accentuating the subject matter of their audios on crisp visuals that still manage to embody a distinctively African touch.

With Falz, music videos move beyond vibrating butt cheeks and sweaty energetic dance moves to tell visual stories we can all relate to.  This is a new level of dedication to content creation that many of his peers have either not tapped into or considered relevant to their artistry. Lucky for him, this inventiveness is where Falz biggest brand power lies at the moment and in some  way, we’re all grateful for it too.


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