Was 2face’s African Queen really a great song?

African Queen screenshotUndoubtedly the song that helped him attain the height he has reached today, African Queen by 2Face Idibia, is a song that most women would like to hear from their sweethearts.

Some people however, do not think that this song was as great as it was made to seem, hence the need for us to do a little analysis.

Well, we feel that it is a great song, because it is one of the very few songs that talks about the importance, beauty and life of the African woman. This song, a guitar ballad with elements of West African folk music, sold the new African contemporary music to the western world, and till date is still one of the very few African songs you can hear when you travel out of the continent. This song wouldn’t have gained the popularity that it has if it was not a great piece of art.

This song also helped 2Face’s debut album Face2Face, sell millions of copy in Nigeria, Africa and the world over.

Still not convinced, you can ask the producers of Hollywood movie Phat Girlz, why they chose the song for a movie that sold well over $7million at the box office.

Anyway, that’s our argument; you can tell us what you think.


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