#WCW: Let’s do a quick run through of Simi’s stellar videography shall we?

We are still witnessing the rise and rise of Simi into the place of both female vocalist and artistic power house. Between deft songwriting, silky smooth vocals and an innate ability to tell visually compelling stories, Simi has maintained an inventive edge the industry often chokes out of many. To highlight what we’re talking about, here are three of her best videos ever, in order of creative value

Love Don’t Care

Set against the backdrop of what appears to be aupper middle-class house in the early post-colonial years, Simi’s Love Don’t Care is a revelation in itself. Besides tackling a major issue still relevant in today’s tribe relations in Nigeria, there is a strict attention to detail the video carries along with its narrative while still managing to show a sensual side to Simi with an interpretative dance performance that boosts the minimalist aesthetic to roof level.


Simi is a high tech, high profile heist mistress in this Hollywood-esque romantic drama. The cinematic tone of this video needs very little emphasis even though it is one of the most amazing things about the entire clip, but once again, Simi tells a story only a creative mind can envision without skewering certain elements. This video may have sailed away from the media, but not from us.

Jamb Question

Simi and Falz are quickly working their way into the place of national heartthrobs and safe to say this is a video that started it all. Set against the backdrop of a beautiful Abeokuta, Ogun State landscape, Falz and Simi open the first chapter in their book of unrequited love with Jamb Question. From brilliant close-up shots to wide-angled still frames, it doesn’t really get more creative or simply more beautiful than Jamb Question.


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