#WCW: With love from the diaspora, we are crushing on Lola Rae

It must be a lot of fun to be Lola Rae.

And no we’re not only talking about Lola’s ability to walk into a room and have heads dizzy from spinning around in so many circles, even though that would be a fun reason to try living a day in her life. There are other similarly amazing reasons to consider living her life.


For one, her tri-nationality is one thing to be jealous of. A glimpse at her background tells us Lola Rae was born Funmilola Rachel Garton to a British father and a Ghanian mother who are both nationalised Nigerians. She was born in Obalende, a gritty neighbourhood at the edge of the Lagos Island which explains the Nigerian leanings of her music. She speaks gleefully about her formative years in Nigeria and a one year stint stay in Ghana to take care of her sick grandmother while she was in her teens. What a sweet way to grow up right?


At the start of her music career, Lola Rae belonged to an acapella dance group known as Mystikal. Seeking exposure, the group participated and made it to the semi-finals of British Got Talent and earned a sweet record deal from Simon Cowell. Lola was particularly singled out by Cowell who was very impressed with vocal her dexterity.

Rae cites internal problems within the group and dissatisfaction with the way her career was going to be managed by Cowell’s label as her reason for quitting the group and returning to school instead.

A few years into her degree she decided to pursue a music career instead. With support from her ever patriotic Nigerian parents, Lola Rae returned home to Nigeria. She has been linked with several labels including AristoKrat records but Lola Rae seems to be flying solo at the moment and we could not have been happier to have anyone so proudly embrace our green white green.




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