We collected 30 M.I lines that could make great tweets and dope Instagram captions

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1. I try hard to make the difference💪💪 –  Crowd Mentality

2. The road to riches and to diamonds and wealth, we design it by self ✌🏾️✌ – Crowd Mentality

3. Loyalty the code until the business is established 😎😎 #NoNewFriends – Everything I Have Seen

4. Gravity is not a superstition – All Fall Down (feat. Poe)

5. I don’t need a dude man whose bank account is very large, I want the man who owns the bank. The head nigga-in-charge. 😆😆 – Fast Money, Fast Cars (feat. Wizkid)


6. Peace upon you haters man, Salaam Alaikum – Phase II

7. Your boyfriend is a hater, but he can be a waiter – Tease Me

8. Never get mad at another man’s success – Beef

9. When the goings go bad, people disappear. When it starts going good, the same people re-appear – Nobody (feat 2face)

10. They talk behind your back because you’re standing in front of them – Nobody (feat. 2face)
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11. My motto is, do more talk less. 😎 – Beef

12. You’re the change, you’re the hope, you’re the miracle. You’re all the strength you need in times unbearable. – Epic (feat. Praiz)

13. But I’m not in their league, help me tell them. The Super Eagles don’t play against the Falcons – Beef 

14. Some say they better than me, it’s suicide. – Beef

15. My heart is always healthy, awaiting time for working. – Imperfect Me

16. Used to love beef but it’s healthier to be vegan #TeamNoDrama – Beef

17. Some I call friends are falling hand like wrist break. – Lost (feat. Loose Kaynon)

18. Gotten my heart broken. There’s hurt from words I have spoken 😔😔 – Imperfect Me (feat. Ruby)

19. I feel the doubt is creeping in, I know I shouldn’t let it. – Epic (feat. Praiz)

20. But hey, this is life and she’s a cruel wife – Epic (feat.Praiz)

21. I live with fucking NEPA, I have got to be the light. – Epic (feat. Praiz)

22. We are our own tomorrow, we can’t be ruled by relics.- Epic (feat. Praiz)

23. If we don’t be the change, it will stay the way it is.- Epic (feat. Praiz)

24. They say we’re scared to die, we’re really scared to live.- Epic (feat. Praiz)

25. We have come to play a great part. Even Brave Heart had a late start. – Epic (feat. Praiz)
26. Girl I got dough, I bake bread like a baker – Teaser (feat. General Pype)

27. I know to build, you break the ground.- The Box (feat. Pryse, CKAY)

28. You have to understand that there’s no limitation. Just turn your inspiration into innovation. – The Finale 

29. Just try to do your best then try to do it better. – All Fall Down (feat. Poe)

30. There’s so much dirt I have covered. It’s dark inside my cupboard 😔😔- Imperfect Me (feat. Ruby)


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