We finally got a sequel to Falz’ Soilder video, but it is not exactly what you expected

MTV’s Big Friday Show is back with Falz as host and they have been up to a lot of fun lately. The situational and gag comedy format show decided to pick up from where the Clarence Peters video left off, with Falz and Simi returning to reprise their roles.

The new video opens without any music but we are taken two months after Falz rescues Simi from the rebel soldiers. Both of them appear to have to come to terms with their relationship but things are not going as planned as Falz can barely make ends meet to feed them. All of this happened until Simi is kidnapped again. However, this time, the story sways in a hilariously different direction.

In other music related news, Simi and Falz are working on a joint EP titled Chemistry. And judging by their excellent creative relationship so far, the proposed release of the collective for a later date this year will come with high expectations. We are certain they should be able to meet every single one.


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