We found Yemi Alade and 2face cozied up in a studio, here are 3 things that could go wrong

Anyone that has spent as much time as 2baba in the industry must have made a lot of friends over the years, so we have always wondered about the exact size of his inner circle. Anyway, the singer was recently spotted in an unnamed studio with self-crowned Mama Africa, Yemi Alade.

She is seen holding a piece of paper to his face suggesting there might be some creative exchange going on between them. Speculators have also hinted the two may be working together for a song on 2baba’s upcoming album. While all of that looks good on paper, we still managed to come up with 3 things having Yemi Alade and 2baba in the same breathing space can cause.

A. 2baba tries and fails woefully at finding chemistry with Yemi Alade.

Over the last three years, Yemi Alade has experimented many soundscape shifts in her artistry. She has transcended her style from afropop, through her breakout phase with afro-EDM on Johnny . Her latest sound shift is a maturing Yemi Alade who has found comfort with highlife music as we heard on Ferrari. We can also say a lot about 2face’s artistry but experimentations and versatility will not be the strongest points for an argument, especially when the genre fusion in question is highlife. 2baba is not the most literal person when it comes to doing regional music outside the range of mainstream afropop, R&B, afrobeat, reggae, dancehall amongst others. We have heard him bring mediocre presence, shouldered on awkward freestyle lyrics on songs with artistes he lacks a sonic chemistry with. Based on Yemi Alade’s current form, we don’t quite know how this song will play out.

B. The song is a 3 minute long listen of both of them singing gibberish.

If you can’t picture a 2baba freestyling his way around this song by slipping in and out of coherence, you clearly don’t know him. Idibia is a notorious freestyler who will rhythmically say gibberish on a song and get away with it. And even better, Yemi Alade is not the most literal person either. The second verse of her single Pose featuring R2Bees half Mugeez was a complete 16 bar gibberish rendition, Yemi Alade style. Besides we are still not sure if Yemi Alade’s simplistic lyrics are simply parlaying to the light weight nature of highlife music as a genre or if she is just a lazy songwriter. Either way, there is a sonic image of a terrible 2baba feat Yemi Alade song we can’t shake off. We hope they can prove us wrong.

C. They may birth an African prince/son.

Of course, we know it’s far fetched but you silently saw this coming  too. Don’t lie.

With the success of his 2003, African Queen single, 2baba has proven that he is not the most strong willed person around women labelled African ‘anything’. And with Yemi Alade’s new tag as Mama Africa, thanks to her latest album, we could be looking at a match made in heaven. At least, until Annie Macaulay finds the full story on Linda Ikeji anyway then it becomes a match set for divorce settlements with 2baba’s bank account as the winning prize. We want to ignore 2baba’s track record with women and children in this probability of events, but not even a proper marriage can make that joke get old, so yes, we’re keeping an even closer eye on this two.


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