Whatever happened to that Cohbams and Davido song?

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If you are also surprised about the headline because it sailed out of the news before anyone even heard about it, well we were too when we saw the tweet below.

Earlier this year, Cobhams sent out the tweet and a brief conversation between the veteran producer and Davido ensued with a conclusion that left fans with more questions than answers – mostly because not many can picture Cohbams working with Davido.

However, this came at the outset of Davido’s glossy Sony Deal, one that many fans expected to be the new steps in the development of the OBO’s brand for an international appeal. Cobhams is a credited songwriter and multi-skilled instrumentalist so it makes perfect sense that he cashes into the producer’s skill set on his new journey as an international artiste signed to SonyATV, where Cohbams is also signed to.

But months have passed and we have heard neither industry whispers nor speculations of a release date, even though we still have reasons to believe the song exists.

Anyone who has been paying close attention to Davido’s artistry since he signed his deal will notice a decrease in his solo output. The singer has remained on charts for most of the year strictly via features. This is undoubtedly part of new controls on his music release format since he signed the new deal.

Besides, a Cohbams written Davido song sounds like album quality material. With the DMW boss incessant teasing details of the efforts going into his debut album under Sony, we can’t rule out the possibility that Cohbams was contracted to work on it. Our best guess is we may have to wait on it for a little while, but we’re definitely going to get what hopes to be this unique number.


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