Who is Tay Iwar and why should you care about his music?


The unprecedented rise of Drake in the late 2000s changed many things in the hip hop culture. Most notable in this regard was a breed of rapping singers (and vice-versa) who were not afraid to talk about their feelings and emotions. This was a sharp contrast from the traditional macho masculinity rap music had been peppered with in the past. These breed of new artists play like solemn conversations in the late hours of a drunken week day. They rely heavily on vocals, mood setting rhythm and instrumentation rather than lyrical depth. Despite his obvious leanings towards alternative RNB, this is the easiest way to describe Tay Iwar’s music.

Who is Tay Iwar?

Tay is an 18-year-old London/Abuja-based singer who many have labelled as the future of Nigerian music. His songs are a melodramatic mix of alternative RNB and psychedelic hiphop. Basically, Tay is a super hybrid of a hurting Drake, a drugged-up The Weeknd with the emotions of Trey Songz.

How did he end up on our playlists?

Thanks to the world wide web, the singer has already amassed a cult following of fans. He has a critically acclaimed 12-track EP titled Passport plus a myriad of other singles that are quickly gaining ground and airplay.

Did we mention his amazing voice yet?


Why you should care about his music?

The singer has a great vocal range and lyrical depth. These are two things we don’t see very often in the ranks of male Nigerian artistes. With the impending burnout of the nyansh lyricism Nigerian music has been eroded with, Tay is definitely the beginning of another one of many revolutions we have witnessed in Nigerian music.

Without a  doubt, this is a simple case of support now or famz later.


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