Who the hell is Mayorkun and why should you care?

We have been loosely discussing the emergence of a new wave of Nigerian artistes for a while now. Davido’s latest signing, Mayorkun seems set to unleash his talent on the industry.

So who is Mayorkun?


Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel also known as Mayorkun is a 22 year old graduate of the University of Lagos who was crazy enough to quit his banking job for a record deal with Davido. Born to a family of talented entertainers, Mayorkun’s mother is veteran Yoruba actress, Toyin Adewale and his father is songwriter, actor, director and live band performer, Segun Adewale.

How did he end up on our playlists?


Mayorkun’s claim to fame started after a 15 second Instagram clip of him playing Davido and Olamide’s Money went viral. Davido caught whiff of the video and invited Mayorkun for a meet, subsequently earning him a place on his growing HKN team. Speaking on the signing, Mayorkun gushed, ”It is a dream come true and I feel so excited being signed unto the label” he added “I have always hoped to get this sort of chance and Davido coming my way is something that is indescribable”.

His debut major label single Eleko was released last week and it has already gotten major coverage in the media.

Why you should care


Mayorkun is mixbag of talent whose Fuji influenced patois is the perfect fit for diversity in Davido’s HKN label. He shares the same rhythmic wisps with Adekunle Gold but he distincts his music with light weight lyrics and a simplistic call and response pattern as we heard on his debut single Eleko, a preppy feel good loosely based around a Yoruba limerick of the same title.

We only have one single to follow up on, but the songwriting on Eleko works succinctly as Mayorkun subtly hints at a lyrical depth without being pretentious about his intent. He makes a song that you can dance to without thinking too deeply about any poesy or subtext layered under the lyrics about his corn cereal-selling mother’s head and a girl who dismissed his wooing pitch and wrote him off as a broke guy.

Mayorkun is what Adekunle Gold would sound like if the industry didn’t do too much to convince him of his “alternativeness” and that on its own is a great pitch for originality points for him.

We will be keeping a close eye on his evolution in the industry, but in the mean time, we’re still dancing to Eleko.


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