This fan-boy has plenty to say about why Asa is the total greatest

AsaEven if we had to pay most Nigerians to listen to her album for a few hours and gain a thing or two from the lyrical contents that she produces, the mainstream Afro- Pop would still be the first love of most listeners.

Music is not defined by the association of beats and instruments to make sound but rather, it is the infusion of poetry into a piece that can be written with utmost confidence and concentration, away from distractions, free from unwanted tunes and ideological flows.

Too much grammar though. Nigerians would never truly understand the way to appreciate the beautifully imperfect ASA.

Asa’s lyrics are one to be savored with the best wine of decades and un-unterred silence. Her lyrics are neatly placed and laced in local dialects, foreign languages and a common lingua franca that everybody understands. She has the power to put your mind to sleep with your consciousness still very much at bay. You wouldn’t even know that you have mopped rolls of tissue down your chubby cheeks.

Born in Nigeria and bred in France, one could say that her musical genre could have easily found its course with her right from a tender age. She once attended a musical competition before she became famous and she lost the competition to KC Presh. Apparently, stories change for good. Today, she is one of the most celebrated artiste in Nigerian history. Sadly, her music is not fully appreciated in her own country.

Dropping songs after songs, one would say that consistency is what keeps are going and striving for that which most Nigerians don’t possess: Music!!!

Nigerians prefer listening to the contemporary music, where all that matters in the plot is a girl, money, new clothes, new shoes, and her curves. Nigerians don’t understand the true meaning of poetry and even if they really understood, Asa would still come last in a group of contemporary mainstream Nigerian music. Not to be gotten wrong, Asa is not a goddess. She is a goddess of poems.

All we see in the media today, has really clouded our thoughts of what a good music should entail. Good music is supposed to speak sense into your thinking and Asa brings that feeling to our doorsteps. Good music is meant to feed the soul that thirsts for more knowledge and education, with good vibes and lyrical contents.

No matter how much we may listen to Asa’s album, we can never truly phantom the usefulness of her music in our daily lives.

ASA is an unimaginable goddess.


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