#WomanCrushWednesday: Seyi or Shay? We’ll have both


In an industry plagued by its own regurgitative sound, we are grateful for the bounty of  talent that is Seyi Shay. Our woman, our everything. 

Born Joshua Oluwaseyi Deborah, the songstress didn’t have to come into a predetermined limelight, she brought her own. Her first major hit was titled Irawo which loosely translates as Star. The single featured rapper Vector and it has since paved the way for Seyi’s industry take over.

Seyi Shay revealed in a recent interview that she sometimes feels underrated in the industry and we couldn’t agree more. In her short time in the Nigerian music scene, she has racked up chart-topping singles, recorded a competent debut album and inked a couple of endorsement deals. The rest of Nigeria should have awoken to the brilliance of Seyi Shay by now innit?

Nonetheless until that happens, this is a Seyi Shay appreciation post.

We love you Seyi and we are looking forward to whatever you decide to do next.




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