ill bliss 26You know those lyrics that you listen to and wonder, how the artiste ever thought of that? You hear some verses and immediately term them Greatest of all times Verses? Many at times, our rappers have dropped some of this and we would be occasionally sharing the ones which remain evergreen. On this song released off his last album, Powerful, Rapper Ill Bliss goes on a lyrical attack on the state of the nation and though this verse was penned during the last administration, it remains relevant as it seems God is still punishing the nation with bad leaders.

Ill Bliss 1st verse in ‘A Different Kind of War’:

Another bomb just went off, we numb to this, the President is looking clueless, we used to this/

Used to the pain and the bloodshed, used to the lies and the greed and the false hopes/                  

Knock the ropes, this is hangman music, can you not Shoki for once and just listen?                             

At this rate, we back to the 60s, back to the civil war, country with no law,                                         crucifix on my front door, my bible open,  down on both knees praying for this damn nation, lord save us from damnation/                                                                                                             

Sleeping on the health and education, they snoring on the better bed, so who cares? the burden of the nation, but who bears? All I see, tears, fears, looting, corruption, evil, demonic…..

Classic verse, conscious bars and lyrics to get you thinking




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