Yemi Alade debuts the deluxe version of her ‘Mama Africa’ album


With Yemi Alade’s Mama Africa:The Diary of an Africa Woman album still receiving mixed to positive reviews from all around the globe, there is no better way for her label Effyzzie Music to cash in than to release more songs sharing the same thematic narrative as the album.

The label released an updated deluxe version of the Yemi Alade collective today with 6 additional songs comprised of remixes, alternate language refixes and original songs to make a total 21 track LP.


This new deluxe version features the Swahili refix of Na Gode, the lead single of the original album. Yemi Alade’s mission with the LP is to conquer new territories, so she includes a title song for the album and taps rapper A.K.A for a remix. Both songs are included on the album, alongside three additional songs which include Waka Waka which features South African house music singer, Bucie with Zimbabwean producer Kamera on the deck. Her frequent collaborating producer, GospelOnTheBeatz  weighs in on Sugar n Spice. The last addition to the deluxe album is All Day produced by singer and songwriter EL Emcee.


We have to admit, we expected more from the promised deluxe version. Most of the flaws of the original album according to critics stemmed from Yemi Alade not fully identifying with the bold Mama Africa claim she stretched her hands towards.

We expected a deluxe version to not only carry more elements of this narrative but to also cover a lot more ground in terms of diversity and language. But even with 6 new songs that could have sent critics crawling back to their hole if done right, Yemi Alade confines her sound and music to the shores of West and South Africa while the East and North are orphaned babies she seems completely oblivious of.

Nonetheless, the album culture has been since transcending into artistes offering nothing but a collection of hit singles without any artistic link between them. So artistes like Yemi Alade who still consider albums and systematic roll-outs important will always remain close to our hearts.


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