From ‘Sade’ to ‘Pick up’… What makes Adekunle Gold tick? (Long Read)

by Tosin Adeda

Two years ago, Adekunle Gold was famous in entertainment circles only for his creative mastery of his photoshop skills. He was known as the photoshop king because of his ability to mix and match pictures brilliantly. I already became a fan of his photoshop skills but little did I know that photoshop was only a fraction of the young man’s many talents.



I once came across this collaged image on his Instagram page, and I was quite fascinated by his creative skills, and on closer look, took some interest in his singing abilities.


Ceramist, sculptor, brand developer, graphic artist, SINGER… You’d agree that I’m a “man of the arts”…save this picture you’ll join me in saying my success story soonest”

Those were his words, he was quite sure of his imminent success.

Adekunle Gold was part of a two man group called The Bridge. They had been into music for quite a while and had put out a few decent songs. They didn’t quite hit the limelight and decided to go their separate ways.


After the split of The Bridge, Adekunle Gold ventured into a solo career.

His first effort as a solo artiste was titled Let it stop.

In his words, “In accordance with the chaotic state of our nation and the world, he renders a thoughtful and beautifully sung tune that will certainly inspire the listener. ‘LET IT STOP’ offers a message that is sure to get you thinking. This soft, high-life melody is just one of the many exceptional works to be expected from adekunleGOLD.

He never lied when he said Let it stop was just one of the many exceptional works to be expected from him.

Being a solo artiste was quite challenging but Mr Gold had a plan and a strategy. He made effective use of social media especially Instagram to do a lot of freestyles of popular songs.

In one of his many freestyle videos of popular songs via his Instagram page, Adekunle Gold covered Falilaketan,  a song off Olamide’s Street OT album.

Impressed by the freestyle, the YBNL boss commented on the Instagram post and months later, signed the up and coming artiste to his YBNL label. The success story began afterwards.


Till date, Adekunle Gold has released three singles as a YBNL artiste and all have done quite well.

From Sade, where he talked about the parental pressures of getting a wife and how his supposed girlfriend was delaying due to misconceptions of infidelity and jealousy. Mr Gold begged and pleaded for her love in song and eventually got Sade back and made her his own.

The video for Sade though quite simple, and certainly less than stellar, describes vividly the storyline of the song and captures every moment.

Adekunle Gold – Sade

After getting his Sade, Adekunle Gold decides to nickname her Orente, the title of his second official single. A song where he explains the love and affection he has for his woman, her understanding and support despite his not so buoyant bank account, her faithfulness despite temptations from Dorobuccis of the world, and their mutual happiness despite all the lack.

The word Orente soon became a popular word on the lips of many people, ladies especially. That’s how much of an impact Gold’s music has made.

The video for Orente, with very colourful scenery depicts the beauty of the relationship between Adekunle Gold and his Orente. The scenes and locations were spot on and I must say the video was an improvement on his previous effort.

Adekunle Gold – Orente

It’s quite normal and typical of women to always want for the good things in life as represented by an achieving partner. On Adekunle Gold’s third single, Pick up, the synergy between the latest single and Orente is quite conspicuous.

Both songs can be linked perfectly. Orente might be loyal, faithful and understanding, but it gets to a time, when Orente needs and wants the best things in life.

Adekunle Gold realizing the need to be a better man decides to ask God to pick up his call. Pick up is a prayerful song, one that almost everyone can relate to, and a song like prayer for God’s blessings. This is the type of hit that cuts across all demographics.

The video for Pick up explains perfectly the message behind the lyrics of the song and the movie-like visuals shows the everyday hustle and how he eventually makes it big, thanks to his loyalty and honesty.

Adekunle Gold – Pick Up

All three Adekunle Gold songs have done very well, gotten great reviews, massive airplays and have topped charts. What exactly is Adekunle Gold doing that makes him unique? What is it about him that makes his music special?

His vocal dexterity is quite unique, he might not be the best of singers, but he has his own sound and he has perfected the art of his sound, perhaps having a girl (Simi) who understands music is an advantage. Simi is a total package. Orente is rumored to have been written and arranged by her.

Adekunle Gold’s content and lyrics are just perfect; not too deep and complex, but not mediocre neither. Adekunle Gold mixes his native language Yoruba, a little bit of pidgin and English. So far Adekunle Gold has proven himself to be a good song writer or at least, someone who has good ears for quality lyrics and pays attention to his sound. His sound is very Nigerian, which make his songs easy to cut across every age group and culture in Nigeria. His story telling ability, evident in his lyrics is pretty good and the hooks/choruses are simple and very catchy. Adekunle Gold recently won the award for the Best Alternative Song award category, at the Headies.

Adekunle Gold has proven to be talented, dedicated and hard working. His album is definitely anticipated, and with the talents that abound in YBNL in terms of sound creation (Pheelz and Young John,), he shouldn’t have any problems with production. If his three singles are anything to go by, we should expect a very good debut album.

In addition to his talents, Adekunle Gold has the looks that promote his brand and type of music. He also has the love of the ladies, a positive for him. He has showed traces of that evergreen sound and with discipline and hard work, could have a long and successful career.

I foresee Adekunle Gold in his 50’s and 60’s still doing music, probably with a live band. He just might be the next Ebenezer Obey or Sunny Ade.

Hopefully his dreams are as big as the one I have for him.



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