The disturbing ignorance of Sean Tizzle (Long Read)

by Tosin Adeda


It’s been a while we took time out of our busy Lagos life to discuss Naija music Adeda, what has been happening? What’s new? Any controversies?


I’ve just been enjoying the music really, not a fan of controversy, I’m just all about the music as you know.


I don’t believe you, is it not you? Same Tosin Adeda . . . That reminds me, I heard Sean Tizzle left Twitter because people went hard on him. One of the comments I heard people left for him was that he was trying to promote his “useless” music.  What was his offence?


Nigerians though. Sean Tizzle and “useless music” in the same sentence? I’m amazed but not surprised. Majority of Nigerian music fans do not listen to albums. I’ll take time out to talk about his debut album, before going into details about what he did to piss people off on social media.

Sean Tizzle’s ‘The Journey’ dropped around April 2014, and I dare say confidently, that no Nigerian afro pop album that has dropped after it has been able to match it in terms of quality of sound. The Nigerian feel on the album, a blend of his native language and English language, the melody created by his producer D’tunes, the lyrical content and the delivery are the qualities that make that album a masterpiece.

I have played the album so many times that I can sing along to it and never get bored. From time to time when I listen, I discover the greatness of one of the songs on the album and it becomes a new favorite instantly.

I’m still patiently waiting for that Nigerian afro pop album that will match this master piece and maybe surpass it, that is how good the album is. So do not let anyone poison your mind about Sean Tizzle’s music. Yes he messed up, but has nothing to do with the quality of his music. I think you should buy it and listen, and then we can discuss your opinion about it when next we see.


Wow, such great reviews about an album from you? It must be really good; I’ll definitely purchase and listen to it. So back to the koko of this our discussion. What exactly did he do to get such hate from people?


While everyone on social media was talking about the greatness of Adele’s new song at the time titled ‘Hello’, Tizzle took to twitter to express his love for one of the numerous covers for the song by Nigerian songstress “Omawumi”. To be honest, when I initially listened to her cover, I was blown away. Same way I blown away I was after listening to Sojay, Ruby and Praiz’s covers.

Sean Tizzle had this to say about Omawumi’s cover.


According to him, Omawumi did a fantastic cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’ which is a fact that I agree with. But he missed it when he tried to talk down Adele’s effort on her own song, saying she did a weak version.

Like seriously, who does a weak version of her song? How is a song written and composed by Adele termed a version? How is an original song a version, how much more a weak version?

To put it in context, Sean Tizzle sounded like Omawumi and Adele did a competition on who would do a better cover of another song, and Omawumi had a better one, but Adele who had a weaker version was getting all the accolades and the great reviews.

All what Sean Tizzle had to do for damage control, was to put out another tweet, saying he didn’t mean it exactly the way he had initially tweeted, and all he wanted to say was that Omawumi had a wonderful cover to Adele’s song.

However, he didn’t accept his blunder but rather tried to justify, by trying to be philosophical and intelligent.


Perhaps he didn’t understand where he had gone wrong  and why people were attacking him, he totally turned it all around and put out that tweet above, as if to imply that people were upset with him because they didn’t agree that Omawumi had a good cover to Adele’s ‘Hello’.

He went on and on trying to defend himself, at a point he started to preach about how Nigerians should learn to support theirs like foreigners do.


Na wa o, from what you’ve explained now, what I understand is that Sean Tizzle probably out of the over excitement of how good Omawuni sang that cover, went on to tweet about it. But he missed it when he compared her cover to the original, and called the original a weak version. He also failed to accept where he was wrong; instead he tried to explain, as if the people who were ranting were idiots.

But really, is that enough reason for him to have left Twitter for good? Kai Nigerians must have really said a lot of negative things to hurt him. But as a celebrity, learning to admit you are wrong and learning to accept criticisms both constructive and destructive, should be normal.


Let me explain something to you my friend, the life of a celebrity is more of a sacrifice. The ability to stand after being hit by the same people who sing and shout you name at concerts, the same people who tell you that your music is the best, the same people who say you are the greatest, is what makes you stronger. Fans of celebrities are very unstable, except for the stans who stick with you in good times and in bad times.

As a celebrity, there are topics and discussions you cannot engage in, not because you don’t have an opinion or can’t express yourself, but because you are a celebrity, and your fans cut across all types of people.

Imagine a celebrity who goes on Twitter to say he/she hates gay people. Every other random person can say it, but for the fact that you are a public figure, who makes a living off the money of people, you can’t make such comments. It will be blown out of proportion, and you gay fans will definitely go out of their way to ensure you pay for that statement.

I expect Nigerian celebrities to understand these principles and abide by them that is why I was quite shocked and perplexed at Sean Tizzle’s next social media blunder after the Omawumi and Adele debacle.


Oh wow, Sean Tizzle actually tweeted that? Now I understand the hate tweets that forced him off twitter.


My first impression after seeing this tweet was “Sean Tizzle is a fool”, and till today I still stand by that. How do you in your right senses even think of taking a jab at women, same people who form the core of your fan base? That tweet was Sean Tizzle practically undermining the intelligence and value of women, something that anyone born of a woman should never do, how much more a celebrity.




As usual he got ugly responses from people, especially women. I expected Sean Tizzle to apologize immediately on seeing the outburst, delete the tweet and let peace reign. But instead, for reasons best known to him, maybe he was enjoying the attention and saw it as a form of promo for his new single, he decided to argue and defend himself.


Hahahahah this boy was definitely on something, either too much weed or he is not just intelligent. So he actually saw nothing wrong with his tweet about women? He didn’t find it degrading? He didn’t see it as a slap on the faces of his female fans?  Na wa o . . .


Sean Tizzle fails to understand that he is a brand, the name Sean Tizzle is a brand. In this era of multi million Naira endorsements in the entertainment industry, blunders like this can make you lose an endorsement.

For the type of music he does, where women are his core fans, such blunders can affect his patronage as an artiste and even extend to airplay on radio and TV.

The negatives are way higher than whatever positives he must have been thinking of getting in terms of online buzz.


In all his pride and misguided judgment, Sean Tizzle decided to act the victim and started tweeting good bye messages on twitter, one of which can be seen above.

Once again, Sean showed he clearly lacks one of the key traits of a successful celebrity, which is the ability to swallow your pride, embrace humility and say sorry when your fans are upset with you, especially when you clearly committed a blunder.


Tosin to be frank, people are different, and we can’t expect everyone to have the same approach to life and the same mentality about life, especially when  . . . .


Sorry to cut you short, but if we are being factual, once you are a celebrity you are expected to behave in a type of way. This is where managers come in, this is why some major record labels have social media managers for their artistes, people who are in total control of an artiste’s social media, online image and public figure.

A celebrity cannot afford to commit the blunder Sean Tizzle committed, and there is really no excuse for it.

One question keeps coming to mind, where was his manager? The Twitter blunder lasted for about a week before he finally decided to opt out of the social media platform. During this period, where was his manager? That’s a topic for another day though, the job of artiste managers and their importance.

As for Sean Tizzle, I seriously hope he realizes his mistake, eats the humble pie, apologizes and gets back on Twitter. Modern day music has proven that social media engagement between celebrities and fans has a huge impact on the success of the celebrity.


You have said it all, thanks for yet another opportunity to learn from your fountain of music knowledge.


Anytime friend, but don’t forget to get the album ‘The Journey’ by Sean Tizzle as promised, you won’t be disappointed. Bless!



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