3 hacks to help you get the best out of music streaming and digital downloads

In case you missed it, the Recording Industry Association of America announced that digital streaming will also be used in the milestone certification of albums. Instead of only being another source of revenue for artistes, platinum and gold certifications will also be awarded based on a number of streams converted to physical sales. Specifically, 1,500 streams will now be equated to 1 physical album sale. This development is sequel to the admittance of digital downloads and stream downloads from Spotify and YouTube as part of counts towards record sales in 2006 and 2013 respectively.

Of course, we know this means the rise of the machines and software may be coming sooner than we anticipated but it also gives music streaming a new level of validity for artistes and the fans who consume their music. So if you’re still wondering why many music streaming apps are popping up on the map, this is why.

To help you catch up with the rest of the world amidst data and exchange rate fluctuations, we have a couple of hacks to help you get the best of most.


Share the same account

We get it, you want to get the best quality music without having to deal with the fear of getting viruses on your computer or feel guilty from illegally downloading the torrent file(if that actually happens to anyone,) well you don’t have to pay every time either. Talk to your friends about sharing one account. That way one person’s music is everybody’s music. Just be sure, do your part by occasionally paying for everyone else to download, awoof dey kill person!

Save music offline

Many streaming apps restrict taking the music out of the program. But in this Nigerian economy, mobile data bundles are a luxury and not everyone can afford to worry about subscription charges and data costs at the same time. So save yourself the hassle and opt to keep some of your favourite playlists offline.

Enjoy free online radio

From Spotify radio to Apple’s Beats1 radio and even more recently, SoundCloud Go, most music streaming applications come with a digital radio service you can use with or without an active subscription. For radio heads who know the feeling of having a great song pop up into their headphones and suddenly develop an obsession for the song, online streaming will show you the bliss of independent radio with random hidden gems on curated playlists. Though their functionalities may differ based on app or product, the music played is curated by some of the deftest ears in global music so it is still a better alternative to your local radio where everything is plug and play.


If you have any other hacks you have been using to get the best out of music streaming and digital downloads, let us know in the comments.


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