12 pictures that describe why attending a Nigerian concert is always a bad idea

When tickets don’t guarantee you entry.




Concerts start late and end early.



Nigerian time, Nigerian problems.

Every time you see the price for tables at concerts.


leaving-crying (1)

Then you decide to get regular tickets but you can barely see what’s going on on stage.



Or you eventually struggle to pay for a table and they serve you groundnut as refreshments.



What you feel like doing to promoters and show organisers when promised artiste performances don’t show up.



When you expected a live show but all you got was the artiste coming on stage to shout  “Oya Now, let’s go.” 



You and who is going where?


When you live in Borno and all the good concerts are in Lagos.


giphy (1)

When the artiste decides to start World War 3 by throwing money into the audience.



When the performing artiste throws his gold chain into the audience and you catch it.


Then you wear it in public one day and someone tells you it’s a fake.



When the friends you bragged to about paying for tickets tell you they just waited till security was loose to enter for free.


giphy (2)






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