Economy biting hard? 12 songs that should be on your playlist

There is no point living in denial. Nigeria’s economy is in bad shape and has gotten worse in the last few weeks. While we wait for our president (who has coincidentally become a world voyager) to bring about the change he promised, we have compiled a mix of both uplifting and depressing songs you should be listening to in this current economic disposition.

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Money – M.I

Still one of M.I’s darker themed songs till date. The rapper tackles the idea of money both as a legal tender and a philosophical concept.

Ko Gbadun (feat. Duncan Mighty) – Mr Raw

Mr Raw’s 2009 club banger Ko Gbadun is a party feels take on Nigeria’s socio-political realities.

Rich (feat. Koker) – M.I

With guest vocals from Koker, Rich abides with optimism instead of settling for the depressing negatives of the economic situation.

Bushmeat(feat. 2face)- Sound Sultan

Sound Sultan dreams of day Nigerians will rise against the poor treatment and corruption of the government.

Jaga Jaga – Eedris Abdul Kareem

Eedris Abdul Kareem’s Jaga Jaga is a simplistic take on the Nigerian reality. The lyricism of this song was so blunt and direct, It caught the attention of Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria’s president at the time.

One Naira – M.I

We have to admit, a lot of  relationships will be ending if this cash crunch doesn’t come to an end soon. But not to worry, M.I’s One Naira, is the perfect song to use to rededicate yourself to making your relationship work no matter what happens.


Shey Na Like this – Wande Coal

Not many people can forget this iconic song off Wande Coal’s M2M album. Mr Coal poses questions to the Nigerian public about the state of the nation by juxtaposing it with historical precedents.

Pete Pete (feat Asa) – 9ice

9ice and Asa duet about Nigeria’s politics using metaphors and proverbs. Pete Pete loosely translates as wet sand, usually an aftermath of rain. 9ice and Asa warn about the consequences of stomping wet dirt because it will splatter on everyone else. In literal terms this means, there is a consequence for everything and everyone even Nigeria’s corrupt government.


4Instance – 2baba

Off his sophomore album, Grace to Grace, 2face attempts to place himself in the shoes of Nigeria’s political leaders. But everytime he attempts this, he is only driven to anger.

Ara nbada owo oje – Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey

Recorded in 1973, Cheif Ebenezer Obey talks about money in superlatives as a hinderer to the many wonders he would have otherwise performed in his life time.

One Day – eLDee

Although successful singles like I go yarn already served as the earliest indications of eLDee’s conscious side. The Trybes records boss spoke more boldly about his frustrations with Nigeria on this 2010 hit. But even Eldee doesn’t want Nigerians to see the situation as completely hopeless, so he hinges the song’s hook on a positive message “E go better.”

Obodo (feat. Klint Da Drunk) – Mr Raw

At the cradle of indigenous rap was Mr Raw’s Obodo. The song highlights some of Nigeria’s problems of police brutality, financial insecurity and corruption. This is still one of the most successful rap songs in Nigeria that isn’t about buttocks or rendered in English.


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