We asked 13 people about the songs their past relationships have made them hate

Have you ever heard a song and suddenly you feel a floodgate of old emotions trying to burst open as your fingers desperately hit the next button before you cry?


Not all relationships are fairytales with happy ever afters. Some end in heartbreak.

Heartbreaks are more than just losing someone you  felt certain emotions for, sometimes it comes at the hard price of skipping certain songs on your playlist or having mini-panic attacks every time the first chords of a familiar song an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend made you like comes up.  These people with similar experiences share their stories.

My ex-boyfriend once requested Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years to be played for me on a radio show I often listened to. I didn’t know how much it meant to me until the song came up on shuffle 6 months after we broke up. I cried so much that day. I haven’t listened to the song ever since. –  Tomiwa, 24


The One That Got Away by Katy Perry. I cannot even tell anybody why I hate this song. I just hate it. – Amy, 21

I had a  long distance relationship I wont exactly refer to as bad, but it made me ache for nearness. After we broke up I could never listen to Brandy’s Long Distance the same way again. – Enitan, 21

I dated my one of my ex-boyfriends in high school around 2008. We would sit together after school sharing two earbuds from one one earphone listening to Wande Coal’s Mushin to Mohits album. After we broke up, I couldn’t stand the album or Wande Coal’s music – Tamilore, 22

There are only few songs on my list, How to love by Lil Wayne and Stereo hearts by Gym Class heroes. –  Anonymous, 20


I had a hate-like relationship with my ex for a while. It made me hate the entire 2face Ascension album and Rihanna’s Unfaithful. –  Emeka, 21

I had a terrible relationship with someone who constantly demoralized me but for some reason I never left him. I used to listen to Whitney Houston’s I have Nothing a lot whenever we had fights. After we broke up, I deleted the song from all of my devices. – Anonymous Female, 21

Girlfriend Remix by Nsync and Nelly. It’s cliche but I literally avoid remembering the days I had this as my best song, because of a girl. – Debola 24

I don’t know if this counts, but i remember the song that was playing when I lost my virginity. It was Rollingstones by The Weekend. It is still very vivid in my head. I was hurting all over and I wanted the music to stop. We broke up shortly after and I still can’t stand the song – Anonymous Female, 24


I used to work in the same office with my wife and I remember we often listened to M.I’s album on the drive home. Coincidentally, around that time, we had some issues that almost tore us apart. Even though we’re fine now, I still can’t listen to M.I’s One Naira without a touch of guilt and regret from that horrible time in our lives hovering over me – Bode,  32

I had a long distance  relationship and often listened to Maroon 5’s Payphone. The day we broke up was the last time I listened to that song. – Anonymous Female, 22

There are a lot of songs I can’t listen to anymore because I tend to make a lot of mistakes with relationships. But if I had to place my finger on two specific songs, it will be Still here by Digital Dagger and Another Love by Tom Odell – Deborah, 21

I had a confusing relationship with a guy I really liked  in 2014, but he wasn’t ready to commit to me fully. He introduced me to Banks and her Goddess album during our time together.   We don’t talk anymore but I still listen to the album, even though it makes me really sad. –  Efe, 19



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