Why does everyone hate the art for CDQ’s ‘Quality’ album? We investigate with 10 questions

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A lot of well-received projects have already been released in this second half of the year. CDQ, like many artists who broke out with sleeper hits in late 2014, is gearing up for a record release of his own. However, earlier today, despite the high anticipation for the project,  CDQ  unveiled the art for his debut album today to internet-wide outrage.

Fans and music heads alike had several bones to pick with the theme and concept art of the album and immediately took their protest to the streets of twitter. Here at Sounds.ng, we decided to channel our  disappointment at the craft of one of the most anticipated albums of the year into getting answers for 9 itching questions

Is it just us, or does CDQ look like he desperately has something to tell everyone?

Does he need to go to the bathroom? Is he holding his breath? Is there fish bone stuck in his throat?

Is this a low budget poster for ‘Coming to America 2: Can You Fucking Not”?

Because, obviously this was the idea
But despite having nearly 28 years to seek inspiration since the movie was released in 1988, this is the best CDQ’s team could do?
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Nah. That sequel will not be happening anytime soon.

Did the photographer know this was not supposed to be a ‘wait and get’ passport?

This is what a passport looks like and for some reason we get don’t doubt it would make a better album cover than CDQ’s

Is that Shaki a mink or is that mink a giant drape of Shaki?

Shaki, Shaki on the wall, which is the fairest of them all?

This was designed with Corel Draw wasn’t it?


Yes, very very ingenious. Clap for yourself, MagzMedia

If the intro is coming 5 tracks into the album, does this mean the mid-album tracks are the actual bonus tracks?


*Hits blunt*

But seriously guys, Who wore it best?


The disappointing look on CDQ’s cartoon face says it all doesn’t it?

Dear cartoon CDQ, we feel your pain

Who the fuck is Zion Foster?

The only Foster we know is sound engineer Zino Foster, who is this biblical impostor?

You still want our final verdict on this generally shit album art?

Well, after scheming through this horror of poor colour separation and  art direction, we have to say that  unless there was an intended irony that should juxtapose the album’s ‘Quality’ title, someone on CDQ’s graphic design team should get fired.

Sorry CDQ, this is not CD quality.



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