2shotz threatening to leak wife’s sex tape? We have seen this before!

2shotz11-PreciousThe Internet can be such a messy place.

A really messy place.

So yesterday, text messages between 2shotz’s wife, Precious Jones and a friend made their way into public space.

The exchange revealed the abuse and assault Precious suffered in the hands of the former Trybesmen member.

Remember when she became a tag team with 2shots against Beverly Osu, who accused him of abuse in 2013?


It gets juicier. Precious, who is back in Ireland with her two kids, claims the rapper threatened to release their sex tape if she misbehaves.

You see, this doesn’t completely shock us.

It happened before between Flo The Rocka and Efe Nathan. It was even bloodier – he actually leaked it. And yes, if you are one for such, you can Google and watch.

What makes theirs even more disgusting, is that they are both music ministers. So what gospel do they preach?

And who are they singing holy songs to? Those who have seen them naked and saying naughty things? Sigh.

One really wonders what this concept of leaking sex tapes is about.

Wake up guys, this is not America. And you are not Ray J and Kim Kardashian!


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