Presh-Kcee-June-2014There’s the full-blown beef.

Complete with physical altercations, diss tracks and the works.

And then there’s the mild beef.

That one simmers quietly and dies down almost as quickly as it started.

Here are some of those that has happened in these parts:


2Face and Faze: Fresh from their split, a member of the defunct Plantashion Boyz group Faze, dropped his first single titled “Faze Alone”, which was regarded in some quarters as a beef song directed at 2Face and Black Face. When 2Face released his sophomore album, a tracked titled “See Me So” which was rumoured to be directed at Faze, who replied with his own version of the song. But fast-forward a few years after that, they all dropped an album.


Iceberg Slim and MI Abaga: The U.S based rapper seemed to call out M.I when he used the words “Am I better than M.I?…I don’t know. Am I?…Matter of fact…you should ask M.I”. M.I supposedly replied with a track titled “Somebody Wants To Die” in which he gave an overall kick to those hating on his shine. 2 days later Iceberg Slim kicked subliminal “Somebody Wants To Die“, I’ll be responsible for the “Assassination” …let the countdown begin…(I told em it would be a M.I.stake, but they didn’t listen)”. They have both quashed rumours of any beef.


KC and Presh: This will go down as one of the most well calculated break-ups in the history of Nigerian music. This duo, which seemed inseparable like P-square, just woke up one morning, to announce to the world that they are going solo without any explanation. It is also noteworthy that they have never been spotted together since their split, making us believe there is some bad blood somewhere. Anyway they have recently come out to refute any claims of beef, with Kcee sending a birthday shout out to his erstwhile partner not long ago.



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