3 things we got from Darey’s collabo with Asa, Inside of You

Darey-Asa1. It escalated quickly

The beginning of the song is very Darey. Slow, soulful and dreamy. Like something you would play, before you rip off the clothes of your lover and have mind-blowing sex. But a minute later, it is quick, pulsating and breathy, both parts neatly pieced together with drums.

2. Darey does an Asa

Yes, we know Darey is an amazing musician. And Inside of You is yet another testament. For some reason, this sounded like an Asa work – which usually a music feast of blarring horns, strumming guitars and heavy drums. Maybe the diva specifically asked for her usual to be served.

3. Asa is.. Asa

Of course we all know what Asa is capable of. And she did not disappoint. He delivery was deliberate and measured. As this was not her song, she did not stress herself trying to take all the glory. Neither did she stretch her range in her typical style.


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