Pastor Chris Okotie preachesWe have had musicians who have gone onto other careers at latter stages in their lives.

Some have abandoned music for a regular 9-5 job. Others have moved unto a different aspect of the entertainment industry, managing artist of planning events.

Today, we take a look at 5 of them who have gone from the stage to the pulpit.

  1. 1. Chris Okotie: Former pop singer in the 80s whose major hit single ‘I need someone’ was quite popular back in the days now turned Pastor of ‘Household of God’ church.
  2. Ebenezer Obey – This Legend have us some of the classic songs we ever had like ‘Miliki’, ‘Olomi Gbo Temi‘ before answering the gospel call in 1992, now an Evangelist as he uses his voice only for the work of God.
  3. 3. Kunle Ajayi: The top saxophonist has always being in the gospel scene but now has devoted all to being a minister heading the Redeemed Church Choir, attended bible school where he has since graduated from and now ministers at various churches worldwide.
  4. Soul E: We all remember his breakthrough secular single ‘Soul E Baba Dey Here’ in the mid-2000s, just as the industry was getting accustomed to his new sound, he dropped the news that along with his then wife, Princess Ure who both got expelled from Okotie’s Household of God church, they had been called into the ministry and actually set up their own church, D’Love Villa where they provided free food and the word of God to the congregation on a weekly basis. The church has however ceased to exist.

5 Sunny Okosun: The late Sunny Okosun remains one of the music greats, leader of the Ozzidddi band, had hit singles like ‘Fire in Soweto’, was one of the major voices during the anti- apartheid campaign era but gave it all up in the late 1980s after he found Christ and became a gospel musician under the name Evangelist Sunny Okosun.



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