AFRIMA 13So following the relative success of the AFRIMA 2015 awards, we now look ahead as another award beckons soon.

Come December 30 at the Landmark Events Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, the Headies billed as the biggest music awards in the country will take place.

Amongst the guest at the Eko Hotel venue for AFRIMA was Ayo Animashaun, CEO Smooth Productions and organizers of the Headies. So we are trusting he took some notes but incase he didn’t, here are five things TheHeadies must learn in order to be a success.

  1. No long speeches, learn to manage the time properly
  2. You must get the sounds right, the microphones and instruments during performances must come our right.
  3. Stop performing acts on the night from miming, if they can’t use a live band, then they must use a performance CD.
  4. Do not get the hall overcrowded, take note of the number that the venue can contain and stick to it, quite untidy seeing people standing and chairs raised around during a televised event.
  5. Keep the nominees together, in the front row close to the stage, so they don’t have to walk all the way from behind wasting time as they stroll to pick up their awards.



Ehis Combs Ohunyon is a music lover and writer, follow on twitter @ehiscombs


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