the-headiesFollowing the recent announcement of the postponement of the Nigerian Music Video Awards (NMVAs) by its organizers, with a new date due to be announced next year, we decided to take a look back at 5 other occasions that different awards across Africa have been postponed due to one reason or another.

  1. HEADIES 2014 EDITION: The prestigious Headies Awards which is due to hold its 2015 edition before the end of the year had its 2014 edition postponed. The event was originally billed to take place on the 25th of October 2014 but had to be shifted to the 14th of December 2014, according to the organizers, the shift in date was ‘to give Nigerians a spectacular show’.
  2. AFRICAN GLOBAL DJ AWARDS (AGDA) 2013: The awards which is primarily dedicated to promoting Deejays across the continent had its 2013 edition also postponed. It was initially expected to hold on the 4th of May 2013 but was postponed and later held on the 13th of July same year.
  3. AFRICA MUSIC AWARDS (AFRIMA) 2014: The event was earlier scheduled to take place on Sunday November 9 2014, but the organizers released a statement that a major sponsor was unable to meet its commitment by the deadline date and as such the event could no longer hold on that day, though there were concerns that the Ebola crisis which hit Lagos, the host country during that period played a major factor in its postponement.
  4. KORA AWARDS 2012: The awards which curiously prides itself as the ‘Grammy Awards’ of Africa has been postponed more times than a fuel crisis hits Nigeria. The 2012 edition however was different due to the reason for its postponement, the event was to take place on the weekend of the 29th of December but had to be pushed forward by two days because of the inability of American Superstar and Star performer on the night, Chris Brown to arrive in Ivory Coast the venue of the event that weekend, he had somehow managed to miss his flight.
  5. KORA AGAIN IN 2015: Like I stated earlier, this particular awards has a history with postponement, the 2015 edition was initially billed for December 2015 till the organizers announced that it has been moved to 20th March 2016. Reasons given are ‘logistical hiccup around securing a venue’, the event will now hold in Namibia next year.



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