5 reasons Phyno is king of the world


Although there is a saying that even people at the top have to work hard at maintaining the peak, Phyno might be an exception to that rule and here are five reasons why:

#1 He is the one and only

With due respects to wannabe legends Nigga Raw and 2shots, Phyno is currently at the top of the Igbo rap community, the hip-hop sub-genre that currently has no other major influencers.

#2 His relationship with Olamide and Yoruba street-hop

The cultural boundaries, these two have crossed to make good music, is proof that music could be the unifying factor, a diverse nation-state like Nigeria has been looking for. They have multiple singles and an entire LP (2 Kings) to prove this point.

#3 He is staying true to his hip-hop roots

Bar for bar, verse for verse, Phyno hasn’t betrayed his hip-hop puritan fans by dabbling into auto-tuning or singing. We are very grateful for this. Don’t mention Connect please. We love it the way it is. 

#4 He Is a trend-starting entrepreneur

Although Phyno’s foray into the fashion industry is currently suffering from counterfeiters and hijackers, the launch of his Alobam and Yayo shirts spread faster than the Ebola panic. The salient fact we cannot ignore here is Phyno’s entrepreneurial ability to make anything cool and marketable.

#5 Endorsements

Nothing says success as a Nigerian artiste better than good endorsements. Phyno has racked-up a few on his belt in this regard with endorsement deals from Nairabet, Guinness Nigeria and Airtel Nigeria.



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