5 times M.I stole our hearts away with beautiful romantic rap verses


Hip Hop may not be the place to look when you need love songs, but Mr Incredible has long transcended this limitation of the genre. Here are some of the most romantic rap verses by M.I over the years.

#5 Forever – M.I (Verse 2), Talk About It. (2008)
Come close, stand here/ Eyes closed, no fear
On this memorable song from M.I’s debut Talk About It album,  M.I coasts through the second verse with an effortless conversational style. He asks his lover about her past then dismisses it almost immediately saying; Right now all I wanna do is Inhale/Exhale, set sail/ So let’s sail to a foreign land. M.I fantasises about their life in the said foreign land where he would be able to see his lover’s face in the morning and share a lifetime’s romance with her.

#4 Sex Love BS (feat. Khali Abdul) – M.I (Verse 1), Illegal Music 2. (2012)
Without You I’m a Zero, together we’re a Ten
M.I returns to his soothing bedroom voice on this beautiful song off his Illegal Music 2 mixtape. The Chairman is not afraid to sound desperate and insecure. M.I asks his lover: Did you tell your fam about the new relation?/ Am I jumping the gun, am I too impatient. He however maintains a calm demeanour throughout the rest of the song even though he was asking hard questions about their future together.

#3 No Away (feat. M.I) – Becca, Time 4 Me (2013)
Cos I noticed, when I’m with you, there’s nothing that I cannot get through”
Ghanaian diva, Becca featured M.I on this timeless love song  about two lovers who have grown together over the years. M.I follows this premise and opens his verse by asking: Hello Miss/ Did you know people go this far? He recites the rest of the verse like a poem, promising eternal love and dedication to his partner.

#2 Eyes (feat. Makiller) – M.I (Verse 1), Illegal Music 2. (2012)
My eyes they lock into yours, I’ll never set a bail
This verse listens like an attempt by the rapper to create a lasting first impression on a newly found love interest after her eyes mesmerise him. He butters her with promises of a future only he can give her. The highest point of this verse comes when M.I says: You’re really on another level like the mezzanine (FYI, If you no sabi oyinbo, look-up “mezzanine” in the dictionary)

#1 One Naira (feat. Waje) – M.I, (Verse 2) M.I. 2: The Movie (2010)
So here is my proposal baby, love me though the money is a maybe
Following the story based premise of his M.I.2: The Movie album, One Naira is a love song that chronicles the story of a couple having a financial rough patch. M.I definitely puts up a convincing argument for his girl not to leave him, considering he probably has only N1 in his pocket.


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