Banky-W-shoots-video-for-upcoming-single-High-notes-14With the Nigerian music industry at its peak, artistes are carting home millions from album sales, endorsements and performances.

So it is not surprising to see the influx of many people into this line of business.

While the music industry can be divided into musicians, producers, dance choreographers and video directors, our focus will be on the musicians and we want to drop 5 tips for aspiring artistes. They are :

  1. Record a great song: You need to have a great song if you want to break into a market that is being controlled by the likes of Wizkid, Davido, P-square, D’banj, Olamide and the rest. What makes a good song? The lyrics should be on point, the delivery top notch and most importantly well recorded, mixed and mastered to bring out a very good sound quality as poor sound quality is a serious setback.
  2. Design a great art cover: This is what will sell your music; people need to be attracted to the track before they will download, since they really do not know you. Don’t be a Jack of all trade, enlist the services of a creative graphic artiste and put out something that will catch the attention of the general public.
  3. Research Bloggers and sites: If you think running after people in shoprite and other malls, showing them your demo CD will take you anywhere, you are on a very long thing, you need to research on sites that promote upcoming artistes and are ready to feature songs with good quality. There are sites that charge and there are some that do it for free. You should research on this and make a list of the ones you wish to contact.
  4. Compose a well constructed Email: Some people decide whether or not they will continue reading a mail from the first 2 lines and so in contacting a music blogger, you need not be cocky, using Pidgin English or even abbreviating words. For your e-mail to be effective, you do not need to write a book, be straight and concise. You should also avoid sending bulk messages; let your messages be personalized like “Hello sounds.ng” and not “Hello bloggers”. In order words send individual messages.
  5. Follow up properly and respond promptly: One thing many people fail to do is a proper follow up. In a proper follow up routine, you don’t want to be creepy or be a pain in the *** of a blogger, by sending a message every hour. You are not the only project they have, you could send a follow up message after 3 days if you haven’t gotten a reply and be polite about it, also try as much as possible to avoid asking questions and always check your mail and respond to their e-mails as swiftly as possible.

If you are an aspiring artiste and you follow this 5 steps carefully, as long as you have the talent, it is just going to be a matter of time before you start sharing the same stage with the A-list artistes in the industry.


Jasper Atakefa is a music lover and sports addict, he tweets via @jasperAtakefa


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