5 totally amazing things we learnt from Wizkid’s Vogue interview

Magazines may not be the most bankable forms of media in recent times, but they are reputed nonetheless. This means, headlines by international journals like Vogue tagging Wizkid as “Nigeria’s best-dressed pop star” is not child’s play.



In an interview conducted over Skype, Vogue journalist, Alex Frank spoke to the Starboy about his sense of style, his city and music. Wizkid spoke at length through the interview so automatically he let some plans and other juicy details slip. Here are 5 important details we picked up from the interview.

He is working on an EP.

Wizkid promised to release an extended play in October 2015 after shelving plans to release his album for a later date. According to his interview, Wiz has been holed up in London since the beginning of the year to recuperate from “Going hard” in Lagos all through the Christmas season and putting finishing touches to his EP.

Wizkid wore bend-down-select while he was growing up.


Source: Vogue.com

Wizkid has never really obscured his background from how much success he has achieved now. The screenshot above is an inspiring excerpt from the interview when Frank asked Wiz what he wore growing up.

He is starting an afro-centric clothing line.

When he was prompted about starting his own fashion outfit, Wiz said “It’s going to be tracksuits, T-shirts, hats, and African attire as well. I’ll have a special line for traditional [clothes] with my tailors. Taking Africa to the world” According to him, the clothes are going to be made with real African prints and strictly locally manufactured raw materials. We have to admit while clothes may not be the first point of contact when discussing exports that can save the naira, it’s the thought that counts.

The EP may drop in March.

When Wizkid discussed his prospective clothing line with Vogue, he revealed the clothing line would be coming in April, after the release of his EP. With February already too late for Wiz to drop the EP, a March or early April release should be the nearest dates we can mark on or calendars.

Wiz is a perfectionist when it comes to his traditional attires.

While regular people may find themselves haggling with tailors over the miles of difference between what they wanted and what they got sewed, Wizkid does not take chances with his tailors. According to the singer, sometimes, he would sketch what he wants, or describe it to the tailor. This process of finding a common ground with a tailor according to Wiz can span many days until the clothes are just perfect.

See the full interview here


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