Those 5 times Wande Coal songs gave you the courage to #SeizeTheBae



It has come to our understanding that many people ushered in the New Year without a better half. We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to make sure Shiloh 2016 is not your portion with these inspirational Wande Coal songs you’ll  need to motivate you in your quest to seize the bae.

#5 Private Trips  

“I don’t think I can live this life without your love.”

This is the perfect road trip song if you want to run away with the bae. In this mellow serenade, Wande fantasizes about spending time alone with his lover far away from the noise of the world.

#4 Forever

“Be rest assured, I will show you that I’m worthy, you will be my only shorty…”

Sometimes your crush likes you too, but they have a curious case of doubting Thomas. This song will be the right song to reassure the bae that you’re not like the others they have been with.

#3 Superwoman

“I’ll give it to you one hundred, you know that I’ll be loving you more”

This is just a beautiful love song and really that’s enough said reason for you to seize any bae.

#2 Ololufe

In sickness and health, for richer and poorer, will you be my friend?”

In this timeless classic, Wande Coal pleads with his lover not to leave him. Wande reassures and promises his lover that he will be there for her always. The last verse of the song has Wande expressing some of his own doubts about the relationship by asking a series of questions about their future. There is nothing more romantic than the prospects of a future with someone you’re in love with.

#1 Taboo

“Don’t want to be your secret lover girl, I’ll place no one above you girl”

The best love stories are said to be the unlikely ones where Romeo doesn’t get to be with Juliet. This song is therefore perfect for all possibilities of an unlikely love story, even If potential bae currently has a bae, this is your song. Let nothing stop you this year, seize your bae.


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