Man Listening to CD ca. 2002

Man Listening to CD ca. 2002

One major challenge upcoming acts face in the industry today is this: after the whole hustle of gathering studio money, getting to book the session and actually spend hours and multi takes recording, the stress of getting people to actually listen to the music given birth to takes its toll and at times can be really frustrating.

With a lot of new songs being circulated on a daily, the chances of yours getting downloaded, selected for play or even listened to is getting slimmer by the day. We do not have the precise formula to make that happen.

But here are a few tips that could help.

  1. Record a truly good song worth listening to: Now this is the first and most important step for any artist, don’t just make music, don’t just record noise, do your best and record a song that will get the listeners at the very first listen and pay attention to the details of your sound and production.
  2. Get your friends, followers and even celebrities in on your promo: They say it takes a community to raise a child, same way it takes multiple of numbers to help one become a star, from your actual friends, to your followers on social media platforms and even the celebrities that you engage (imagine just one tweet from Don Jazzy endorsing your single), get everybody involved.
  3. Try offer something different: This is actually easier said than done as most get caught up in the hype of the current sound, we all want to be the next Wizkid or Davido, but offering something different could help especially as the audience gets tired of hearing similar sounds on every track.
  4. Timing: This is key. Don’t believe your own hype such that you release that single in the same week that saw the release of a Runtown, Burna boy and Olamide albums with their singles getting leaked and circulating the music sphere, truth is no matter how good your song is, chances are it will get lost in the crowd.
  5. Don’t restrict yourself to twitter as twitter Hash-tags do not work: How many of those Hash-tags promoting one song or another from zombie accounts have moved you to download a song? Twitter has provided a great platform but don’t limit yourself to that world of 140 characters and links, If you can, get your music through to your local club deejays, Oaps and radio stations, the radio remains the fastest way of getting that breakthrough.



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