7 epic moments when Olamide proved he is the same person as Kanye West

Awards show outbursts.


Kanye’s epic 2009 VMA outburst where he personally discredited Taylor Swift’s Best Female Video award was an epic moment for music and pop culture itself. Kanye wasn’t convinced that Taylor Swift had the best video and he named Beyonce as the rightful winner. Similarly, Olamide’s outbursts have happened twice on the Headies stage back to back. In 2014, Lil Kesh was omitted from the Rookie of the Year category. When Olamide came to receive his own Best Rap Album award, Olamide showed his displeasure at the organisers of the award ceremony by saying “I dedicate this award to my Nigga Lil Kesh for Rookie of the year, fuck that shit”. We would go over how he repeated the same thing on the Headies stage in 2015, but you already know how that went.

Twitter fingers.

Olamide is not very big on social media, but after his Headies 2015 sprawl, the rapper took to the streets of Twitter to express the rest of the grievances he couldn’t air on the Headies stage. Similarly, Kanye West is not the most active celebrity on social media (he follows only one person.) However, to promote his recently released album, Twitter got to see a chatty side of Kanye that almost bordered on disturbing. Although the account has been silent since the album officially dropped this morning, a few weeks ago, the rapper had gotten into a serious social media feud with rapper Wiz Khalifa and their mutual ex-lover, Amber Rose.



Kanye West is an entrepreneurial god with investment in fashion, music, movies and even recently video games. Similarly, Olamide does not only own a record label with artistes who are currently building high flying careers, he also recently launched his line of retail T-shirts. The rapper also reportedly owns an oil filling station in his home town of Bariga.

Pop culture goldmine.

From music lyrics to fashion and his infamous controversies, Kanye West has been able to spin anything that happens in his life to pop-culture gold. Olamide follows in the same pattern. His song lyrics are catchy enough to make for funny social media updates, similarly his Headies outburst and follow-up social media rants have become PR taglines for many brands.

Career defining joint album.


Kanye West’s Watch The Throne was a joint album he produced alongside rapper, Jay-Z. The album went on to sell over a million copies, received countless recognition and numerous awards. Olamide’s 2Kings album with Phyno was also noteworthy in the same fashion because of the album’s cross-language factor. For a multi-diverse country like Nigeria, this might as well be one of the most culturally relevant albums of the decade.

Total lack of filters.

From their Twitter spats and award show outbursts, it is clear that both Kanye and Olamide are two opinionated people, who will always speak for whatever they believe in no matter whose cross hairs they get tangled in.


Kany West Olamide

Rap as a music genre has always been self-aggrandising in all its quirks. Kanye West has been unafraid to proclaim himself the Jesus Christ of  hip hop. In 2013, Kanye decided he had surpassed merely being close to an ethereal super power and he was now his own supernatural being. A man God. This was an outrageous claim that earned Kanye a lot of backlash from religious sects and conservative groups alike. In a similar event, Olamide earlier proclaimed himself as the voice of the streets in 2012. Fast forward a “Street ti take over” refrain 3 years later and on a Reminisce song Local Rappers, the rapper has since declared the “streets” as the new face of Nigerian music. Though the claim has been silently contested, nobody has publicly brought their claim forward to prove Olamide wrong.


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