7 things we want Simi and Falz to do on their upcoming ‘Chemistry’ EP

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With the cloud of speculation about a relationship hovering between Falz and Simi, there is no better time to capitalise on their creative relationship. To prove the point, the songbird recently revealed to PulseTV that a collaborative album with Falz is underway. Save for Olamide and Phyno’s misfire, the 2 Kings album, joint projects from two solo artists are not something we get often in Nigeria, so we’re not only excited for this upcoming project, we also have 7 great ideas that would work for the EP.

Show us the better artist

Simi and Falz have mastered the art of actively balancing their respective shines on their collaborations. However, the result always leaves us wondering whose weight actually did more for the song. What would be great therefore is to see both artists flip between lines back to back to show us the better artist. We know it kind of sounds counter-intuitive to the Chemistry title, but if it worked for Olamide and Phyno who are both rappers, it would definitely work for Falz and Simi who have the rapper-singer advantage.

Do songs about subjects outside love

We can never get tired of Simi’s sultry voice, nor Falz’ Brother Taju alter ego begging her for love, but the true potential of their chemistry will never suffice until they have to work on music outside their usual subject matter of unrequited love as we have seen on Soldier and Jamb Question.

Sequel to Soldier

Well, duh! the video did say “To Be Continued”. However, Simi did already mention a video will be released at a later date this year.

Switch places

We have heard Falz slip into Jamb Question with rap bars right after an epic jazz-infused instrumental verse. Simi has also succinctly bounced back and forth between chorus and bridge on Soldier. What could bring a bit of shock value to their act, however, will be Simi and Falz switching places with Falz’ edgy roughness on sing-song vocals while Simi puts her soft vocals to work on a bedroom-conversation type rap verse.

Take the music out of their comfort zone

Afrobeat and R&B appear to be this particular duo’s forte. Taking the music out of this sonic comfort zone to other genres like alternative rock or even the nether regions of EDM or South African house music will definitely be something to look forward to.

Make it a concept album

Since they already have the lovers-in-denial bit going on for them, a concept album with cohesive themes and adjoining visuals will perfectly suffice.

Take the music out of Nigeria

So far, Falz and Simi’s catalogue has largely played to a Nigerian audience, this is severely limiting as Olamide has proven time and again by limiting himself to deliberate language barriers. If they want their collaboration to break new grounds, then they might need to give up the shtick.


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