7 totally awesome new age artistes to follow on SoundCloud

Something amazing is happening to Nigerian music on SoundCloud and if you’re late to the party, you can catch up with the following 7 accounts.

Lady Donli

Lady Donli

Lady Donli

Close your eyes and think of a sassier Asa put into a well packaged, more articulate Tiwa Savage. Lady Donli is blissful combination of great songwriting and daring sexiness packaged in one vibrant neo-soul singer. If you need good music from an African woman with both stories to tell and a voice that melts into the back of your mind, you have come to the right place with Lady Donli.

Tay Iwar

Nigeria’s budding prince of new-age R&B probably has one of fastest growing organic followings we have seen in recent times. Thanks to a strict music release format controlled by indie label, The Bantu Collective, Tay works his art around great music and a strong connection with a dedicated fan base he services via his SoundCloud page and other connected social media platforms. Listen to Tay Iwar’s recently released Renascentia mixtape below.

King Zamir of LOS

LOS as a hip-hop group may have been part of the casualties caught up in the series of unfortunate events leading to the closure of Storm 360 records where they were signed, but even as individuals, they have upheld the group standard of high quality trip hop subtly underlined by cinematic instrumentation and hard hitting rap. Listen to group frontman King Zamir, on Foreign.

Sute Iwar

Sute Iwar

Sute Iwar

Tay’s even cooler elder brother is a rapper by craft and like his sibling, a producer in his spare time. With a pool of equally talented post-afrobeat artistes signed to the same Bantu Collective label, there is a lot more of Sute on SoundCloud than you have even bothered to look. Thankfully even for a novice like you, his Vision LP is a great place to start.


Save for his affiliation with producer and artiste brothers Sute and Tay Iwar, there is very little information on the Internet about rapper Ross. Signed to Hustle Camp Entertainment, Ross is a hybrid psychedelic hip hop and chill wave artist with nuanced lyricism undoubtedly inspired by A Tribe Called Quest amongst other prominent 90s rap groups. Ross is another name out of Nigeria’s Abuja capital we expect to make in roads into the mainstream airwaves in the coming months, we’re just patiently waiting.

L-R: LOS Members - Bridge, King Zamir, Briss B and Tomi Thomas

L-R: LOS Members – Bridge, King Zamir, Briss B and Tomi Thomas

Tomi Thomas of LOS

Tomi Thomas, the singer of the group is showing a more creative dancehall and riddim inspired side to him these days. Occasionally he slinks into soft bedroom trippy R&B, transforming into a more lyrical Bryson Tiller and more vocal Tory Lanez at the same time. Sonically, nothing has changed with these guys. Not with the music, nor their dedication to making worthwhile soundscapes. Listen to his Black Couch Vol.1 EP below.

Patrick Lee

Zambian producer and rapper, Patrick Lee is spending a lot of time in Lagos these days doing what he simply calls “making music and chill”. With an upcoming collaborative effort with former Chocolate City rapper, Milli, Patrick Lee came packed and prepped to to take on the Nigerian soundscape. Listen to his Red Hallway mixtape below.


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