You should revisit these 7 hits produced by OJB Jezreel

Eh-en – Ruggedman

Ruggedman 5

Many artists are flagging off their careers from controversies today, but nobody did it better than Ruggedman at the start of his career. Off his Thy Album Come debut, OJB Jezreel helped produce a pop culture statement that took bold shots at many major players in the industry at the time and subsequently stamped Ruggedy Baba’s place in Nigeria’s hip-hop history.

Raise Tha Roof – Jazzman Olofin

Between Jazzman Olofin and OJB, we still don’t know who had the great idea to bring Adewale Ayuba on the chorus of a hip-hop song. But this near revolutionary trope of using Fuji for rap song hooks was perfectly executed by Jazzman Olofin and OJB even though many hip hop groups including The Remedies had subtly experimented with the same concept in the past

African Queen – 2face

Though this is no longer news, OJB Jezreel did not only help in the production of 2Baba’s solo debut Face 2 Face, he also held songwriting credits for the same album, particularly African Queen, his most successful recording to date.

Madam – Azadus

Dancehall singer Azadus may have vanished off the face of the mainstream industry today, but older generations remember the singer at his peak in the early 00s. One of such career defining songs OJB produced around the same time, was Madam, a preppy love song about a mother preventing an affair with her daughter.

Iyawo Asiko – Nomoreloss

Late Nomoreless’ reinvention of Orlando Owoh’s 80s hit of the same name was produced by OJB, who added twists of modern instruments to replicate and refresh the song and its importance.

Wiskolo Wiska – Durella

Durella’s Wiskolo Wiska came at the beginning of a new era in Nigerian music as a chain reaction of the D’banj generation of artists. Even though we never really hear much about Durella anymore, fans will at least remember the King of the Zanga’s sweaty body in a video directed by Clarence Peters.

Ghen Ghen Love – Yemi Alade

After Yemi Alade conquered the Peak Talent show in 2009, she ended up at OJB Jezreel’s studio where she recorded her first charting single Ghen Ghen Love in 2012.


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