9 reasons an Asa and Wizkid joint album will be the best thing since party jollof

They both have excellent voices.

Asa’s voice is one of her most unique assets. The singer has a silk smooth voice that can hit difficult notes  and still sound great in any language. Similarly, Wizkid’s rugged but distinctive vocals produced some of the best hooks and choruses that ever graced Nigerian music over the course of his career. The combination of their skill sets will yield great results on any instrumentation.

We will finally get to see the immense abilities of a lyrical Wizkid.

Asa’s self-titled debut album was overflowing with a lyrical depth, the like of which Nigerians had rarely witnessed in a pop record. The LP was a combination of poetry and self-revealing conversations. Wizkid is not the best lyricist in the conventional sense, yet he has already found fame with his gritty style. Handing the songwriting to Asa  and placing Wizkid on the same song can only be compared to giving Batman superpowers. The possibilities will be endless.


They are both right at home singing live.

Asa only ever performs with a live band. This is an undiscovered skill that is rarely ever found in the crop of Nigeria’s most famous artistes these days. The ability to play instruments creates a new level of connection the artist enjoys with the sound arrangement. Wizkid can similarly perform energetically with a live band albeit at select shows. The combination of a dedicated Asa and an energetic Wiz will be explosive on stage and on record.

They have dominated their genres.

Asa and Wizkid are two artistes who have an unwavering dedication to making African music that can stand for what it is anywhere in the world. They have both carved a niche for themselves where the music can be sold with the compromise of its content. A joint album will allow Wiz tap into Asa’s more reserved core fan base while Asa will be able to push her music even further into the Nigerian afro pop market.

They both share a great back story.

Wizkid’s most successful hit till date is  Ojuelegba which chronicles his humble background on the Nigerian streets. His grass to grace story has become a source of inspiration for many. Similarly, Asa reportedly spent her school fees to buy her first guitar and tuition for Peter King music school, Badagry at the age of 18. The risk she took on music over education made Asa who she is today.

Wizkid is on the cusp of his career and an album with Asa is likely to make him a legend. 

We all need a mentor that will help us navigate the waters of our careers. Wizkid has been on the edge of glory for over three years and an album with the experience and influence of Asa will not only demonstrate his skill and versatility, It will set him up for glory.


They have the ear of international and local audiences.

Asa has conquered the world. The Beautiful Imperfection singer has  tours in Asia and America under her belt. Wizzy has similarly built an important international following over the years, his Drake feature has been highly praised by local and international media platforms.

They have  the perfect Ying and Yang factor.

Ying and Yang are a balance of light and darkness. Asa’s puritan reservations are a perfect balance for Wizkid’s cross-genre experimentations. Her songwriting abilities contrast Wizkid’s adlibbing freestyles. While she is more experienced, Wizkid is relatively young and naive.

We deserve it.

We deserve something out of the ordinary. Something  away from the cliche and clusterfuckery of Nigerian music. We deserve an album where superstardom articulately matches the talent. So we definitely deserve an Asa and Wizkid collaboration.


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