Panam Percy PaulI am one of those who agree that the tag ‘legend’ has been overused.

It is too easily thrown around these days especially in the music industry, but that would seem the appropriate word to describe a man as huge as Panam Percy Paul.

Bakulipana Percy Paul Mokungah better known as Panam Percy Paul has a career spanning over four decades and boasts of 14 albums and numerous accolades, his very first album was released far back in 1976 and some of his stand out works include ‘Master of the Universe’, ‘Bring down the Glory’.

Percy Paul actually played secular music for close to 10 years before giving his life to Christ, this led to him being rejected by his father at some point but he focused on his calling and this has seen him performing at stages across the world, gaining the honor as being Africa’s pioneer gospel artiste and becoming a global phenomenon.

Panam Percy Paul is also a man who has never settled for less in life as he holds three doctorate degrees in Sound, Music and Philosophy and has ministered on international stages like the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, USA winning souls for Christ through his music.

Indeed Panam Percy Paul is not just a gospel Icon but is a music legend worthy to be celebrated.



Ehis Combs Ohunyon is a music lover and writer, follow on twitter @ehiscombs


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