A 12 step guide to pop culture relevance, according to the gospel of YBNL

In every generation, there are innovators like Walt Disney, revolutionaries like Steve Jobs, self-proclaimed geniuses like Kanye West and super underdogs like Olamide who rose from nothing to become pop culture phenomenons bar none.

In the days following his outburst on the Headies stage, the influence and power of Olamide has been exemplified on social media by individuals and corporate bodies alike. The rapper has sealed his own place in history as a trend starter. To share his wisdom with the world, this is a guide to pop culture according to the gospel of YBNL.

1. Start from the street. Emphasise this as many times as possible.


2. Get that hit song. Something sexual and based off a slang, the vaguer the better.


3. Make your first million and forget the streets. You’re your own OBO now and you don’t like smellos.


4. Start a  record label with an ambiguous name to confuse your enemies.


How does a yahoo boy get any yahooing done without a laptop?


5. Collaborate with your newly signed artists to develop a vocabulary of the most difficult language to translate since Da Vinci’s code.


6 Give your fans a cool name that suggests they have no morals.

saheed osupa band boys photos


7. Invent a dance move…. or steal /popularise one.

Oops sorry, wrong picture.
That’s more like it!

8. Get a producer without the fear of God. Someone wicked enough to make people lose their home training.


9. Hire a bespoke tailor. Always appear on the scene with the squad looking fresh as a new born.


10. And If  your freshness is not rewarded, pull a Kanye West. Do this with the aid of a trusty red cup

11. Make some powerful friends.


12. And most importantly, leave all trash for LAWMA.


Iyalaya anybody really.


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