Aint nothing royal about Dr SID’s Kabiyesi video

official-video-dr-sid-kabiyesiI’m not a big Dr SID fan, but Kabiyesi was on replay all through last week.

My honest opinion, is that Sidney Esiri should be pulling out people’s teeth in a random Lagos hospital, not in a studio making music.

But the truth is, when you’ve got Don Jazzy as head of your team, you just stay winning. The pair did it with Surulere and Kabiyesi is another serious jam!

And then the video for the song dropped.

What was that about?

As soon as we saw Frank Donga in the beginning, our expectations began to rise. It appears Dr SID wanted to tell a fine story of grass to grace, but ended up muddling it up with excess comedy. It honestly did not work for me!

Some of the scenes were preposterous and silly. Don’t even get me started on that meaningless Don Jazzy (or is it Judge Jazzy?) cameo!

Quite frankly, maybe they should have forgotten about shooting a video for this song, but I’m sure SID was desperately eager to put his New York Film Academy skills to work.



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