Eva Alordiah is not quitting music afterall, she’s just fresh out of ideas

So we reported about this time last week that Eva Alordiah was calling music quits. Well according to her, she’s not quitting music. She’s just about to evolve from a music artsite to a “creative artiste”, which if you ask us is a corny excuse for  trying to revive your career with the announcement of a false retirement.

An open letter penned with the date 31st of March withdrew her initial annoucement about quitting music with a new clause about beginning a new chapter of her career. In her own words “When I said, Eva Alordiah 1 was my last show, what I meant to say, was I am ending that chapter where I played the role of just being a music artiste, and beginning a new, even more fulfilling one as an all-encompassing creative artiste”

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Okay, seriously what is she talking about?

At this point in her career, Eva Alordiah should know better than to try to score cheap publicity with PR stunts that were not only poorly thought out, but done in poor taste. We didn’t read her wrong, we were on our own when she revealed the was quitting music and we took her word for it.

Sadly, she never really fleshed up her career with collectives so the announcement didn’t break social media as she expected. She has given us nothing in the entire runtime of her career to take her career seriously. Her career has been characterised by randomly popping up on charts with smashing hits then returning to hibernation until she has our time again. For any logical fanbase, such an artiste does not even deserve our support.


Only one thing is certain, clearly Eva Alordiah’s “independent artiste” shtick is getting old. And the result is a general lack of great ideas that A&R men and good public relations officers hired by a proper management could have supplied on the steady, freeing her up to do nothing but write and record great music.There is a reason everybody needs a label and this reason is one of them.

Olamide may have pulled off the independent artiste bit before setting up YBNL, but as seen with the case of Wizkid who like Eva has been able to snag a couple of hits without any collective since exiting former label, EME not all artistes are cut out for the independent life.

Eva is unarguably the best female rapper in Nigeria. If she’s not being offered contract deals to sign, she should source for one herself. We don’t think any label owner will be stupid enough to turn her out.

On the absolutely positive side of things however, she hinted that something may just happen on April 10th. We can’t get our hopes up because it has been dashed many times, but we’re hoping whatever is coming will be worth all of this fake retirement higi haga.


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