In today’s entertainment industry, first impression matters and what better way to leave a first impression that to have a style that makes you easily identifiable? Many artist have tried to come up with various styles and image to give them that rock-star status and enhance the show part of the business, some come in form of what they wear, how they wear it or the controversies they generate, here is a look at 5 of those who have used their signature styles to achieve commercial success in the industry

  1. Eedris Abdulkareem: Forget his many hit songs, forget his endless controversies, one aspect of the Lakreem Boss that is unforgettable is the image of him always rocking a towel in his videos and shows which got copied by many of his fans.
  2. Ruggedman: Michael Ugochukwu Stephen dissed the man who wore a towel, then got disssed for his headwarmer ‘Headwarmer in the sun, what are you’?
  3. Zaaki Adzee: Recently released a new song and the constant feature aside his wack lyrics was his Torchlight. This rapper from the North has been in the game for over a decade along with his torchlight.
  4. Tony Tetuila: nicknamed the ‘Golden boy of Africa’ because of his dyed blonde hairstyle which made him more obvious than a traffic light back in his hey days.
  5. Don Jazzy: leader of the new sound and king hencho of the Mavins empire is known for his walking stick especially during his time as Mohits boss with Dbanj.



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