Brymo was an asshole today, but there’s some context

Before we proceed, we would like to see some show of hands for anyone who agrees that Brymo is one of Nigeria’s finest musicians.

BrymO – Goodbye (Acoustic)

Okay, moving on.

Whether you agree with his self-proclaimed title or not, we all still have to agree that Brymo is somewhere up there, a feat he recently claimed to have achieved without going to school. Which of course will always cause eyebrows to be raised in a society like Nigeria’s where arduously spending the first quarter of your life in school is seen as the only guaranteed way to success.

But Brymo did not only claim to have quit school to pursue his dream, he also recommended the same thing to a fan who tweeted at him to help complete his N65,000 tuition. This is what infuriated the Nigerian Internet. In the space of a few minutes, tweeters heavily armed with opinions threw their perspective at Brymo’s direction with most highlighting their disappointment in Brymo for “insensitivity”.

Nonetheless, Brymo did have a point on the misguided importance Nigerians place on education, what he had against him, however, was a reasonable context, and this too counts as blind ignorance in some circles.

We understand not every one is the biggest advocate for formal education either, but recommending dropping out of school to someone who did not identify with another passion except simply getting a degree is an asshole thing to do.

In the long run, Brymo dished on some great advice that may apply to a select number of people. That the Nigerian society places emphasis on racking up academic excellence at the expense of finding fulfilment with something more extra curricular is no longer news. But there is no other way to look at Brymo’s statement —brash and self-absorbed as it is— if the only reference he can make for his logic is how things turned out for him. The immediate curious question is, how many people like him had a new sound pioneer advantage, or flagged off their career from one of Nigeria’s biggest record labels Chocolate City?

The thing with outlandish statements like Brymo’s is not that success without education is impossible, it’s just life doesn’t always work like that. Anyone who has watched episodes of unpopular perspectives spewed by different successful people on  TedxTalks knows that Brymo speaks from the same place of an exception to the rule. His success like that of every Tedx speaker, doesn’t always translate into every other person looking for success in music, nor does it make his roadmap to fame a sure bet path to follow.

Besides, if we deny everything else about the purpose of school, we have to admit to the fact that school is a gateway to exposure. Exams and tests may be a drag but through the school system, people of different cultures, temperaments and psyche can cross paths to get a better perspective of the world, all of which can be instrumental in  the shaping of a creative process.

Bottom line is, whether you stay in school or not, there is always a way to tailor every experience towards fulfilling your dreams without leaving room for regret. The Nigerian education system may not be built to impact the most knowledge but anyone who bothers to look, will always find people young and cool like them to learn something new in the pursuit of their dreams.

If Brymo couldn’t morph the educational system he dropped out of to help in the pursuit of his music dream, it’s his own character flaw and in no way an excuse to be a dick to fan asking for some of that Klitoris money. Dropping out of school or staying in it are independently inconsequential to the fulfilment of dreams.


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