How to make the perfect nyansh music

The art of making nyansh music is a precise process that might not require too much technique but must encompass some of these elements:


#1 A memorable instrumental hook.

This is usually made of a series of heavy drums and synths scattered all over the first few seconds of the song. A good instrumental hook should scream no chill from its first note. This a combination of 2-5 synths, 2 drum kits and 5-8 kicks. It must be bold enough to disrupt the mind of your listener and memorable enough to set them up for what is about to happen. Repeat this over the remaining course of the song at varying volumes and keys.

#2 Sex things up.

Do not waste time on introductions; your name and your producer’s name is all you need. Immediately sex things up with a provocative line directed to your female audience. Keep things simple by using as few words as possible. You should also be as vague and broad as possible too. Nobody comes to your music for the hidden depths anyway. Some examples are “all my le le le le ladies” “where the gyal dem dey?” “for my ladies.”


#3 Chorus/Bridge.

This is the rasion d’être of a nyansh song. It is a paced build up to one memorable line that titles the song, so rhyming is very important. While lyrical content may not be a bane, keep in mind that you have to keep things sexy. To do this, you have to describe at least two scenarios where a girl was being sexy, most probably starting with the words “the way you…”. Throw in random words that rhyme; anything ranging from  famous cities, God, money, or dem haters. Just remember to keep things simple, this is not rocket science please. Timing is key so pace your rhymes, preferably with a loop style where you raise and drop your pitch at random intervals. So yes, you’re allowed to ignore the tempo of your background instrumentals, just rhyme away. You can listen to P-Square’s entire discography for more information.

#4 Hook.

The hook of a nyansh song is where you reap the fruits of your labor. You have no creative boundaries, your hook can be anything at all. There’s no need for context or meaning; the more abstract the better. All you need is one memorable phrase or word placed after your chorus. Prepare your listeners for the hook drop with a short pause or any vocal fx that indicates an increase in intensity. It is also advisable to keep your hook impersonal and between 2-5 syllables. Loop this around your chorus and let the instrumentals do the rest of the work.

#5 Production dust and other magic tricks

Once you follow the first four steps above, you already have your hit nyansh song. Other additions include; more vocal fx (auto-tune is your shepherd), lyrics (5 lines would do), a funky afro-ish beat (something that sounds like two hollow coconuts knocking each other), 808 drums and claps, with background vocals.

Repeat your chorus till fade, emphasize your hook and c’est fini. You’re a star.


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