The importance of going viral

Don’t let Nigerian education lie to you, being stupid is not a bad thing,

Thanks to the advent of the internet, the natural order of creativity as a requirement for artistic recognition has been altered for the birth of a dysfunctional infosphere where 3-minute cat videos are bigger sources of entertainment than a performance from an orchestra that took months of planning and rehearsal to set up (Sorry Beethoven we have failed you).

The translation of this for creatives all over the world is that the world has gone stupid and  the title “talented genius” will not get you any food.  Basically, there is a directly proportional relationship between  fame and being stupid that many artistes have not explored

Nigerian music industry is not the only place where trained professionals are  in entertainment. But when a trained lawyer finds fame with his brand by creating an alter-ego who speaks a heavily Yoruba accented English, you may be forced to ask if there is sometin is srong wit hym up stear. 


That is why it is not surprising that the Nigerian music sphere has university graduates who have built a successful brand around nonsensical pseudonyms, weird dance moves and a career that doesn’t have too much planning as a bane. But for those who have tapped into it, these moves have not been inconsequential.

😂😂😂😂 @mixchavee doing her #FalzImpression #Wanted Cc @wandecoal

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Viral branding is very important to your big bang story and the only way to achieve that is to be your own biggest troll. Leverage on trends, be outrageous and be provocative. Just keep the  music close to the people and let social media do the rest of the work. D’banj based the earlier days of his career on everything Koko. Nobody even knew what it meant (probably his penis), but it was provocative enough to be identified with his brand. Lil Kesh has similarly refused to define what Shoki means or build more context around its origins but we have all been popping, dropping  and locking this dance move for over two years anyway. Being stupid may seem like an unconventional way to find fame especially when you have faith in your many talents. But entertainment is expected to be light-weight and instantly relatable, so let’s leave all that intellectual higi-haga with Patrick Obahiagbon

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