Ruggedman 5Today is December  26. A day known worldwide as Boxing Day.

Hypothetically, it’s the day you pick up your gloves and settle differences with people. And one of those who has picked up his gloves one – too many times to do battle in the Nigerian music scene is Michael Ugochukwu Stephen popularly known as Ruggedman.

He lived by beef and apparently ‘went down’ by beef, here is a look at 5 diss songs involving the man Rugged on Boxing Day.

  1. Death Blow 1- Ruggedman VS Modenine: Easily the fiercest diss song ever released from a Nigerian rapper, top emcee Mode9 had been engaged in a battle of words with fellow rapper, Ruggedman over who was keeping it real and who was not, and after dropping an initial single, which he termed a decoy, Modo released Death Blow 1 and the result was a total knockout. This is seen as one of the songs that ended Ruggedman’s relevance on the scene.

‘I’m bringing a wrecking ball for your sand castle, built to outspit, outwit and outlast you, my delivery bangs like letter bomb parcels…. Head-warmer in the sun, what are you? Don’t let me 50 Jah you, end your already ending career and discard you’.

  1. Talking to you – Ruggedman VS Mode 9: This is the so called decoy Modo referred to, at the start of their beef, Modenine got returnee Banky W on this joint as he took major shots at Ruggedman. This is a classic tune featuring Rap and RnB at its finest.

‘Dis baba, dat baba, you not a father, you got intellect myopia, so when I dis a baba, it’s not Ethiopia’

  1. Ehen – Ruggedman VS Eedris: Ruggedman has been at the receiving end of many diss songs, maybe that is just Karma catching up with him as he was actually one of the first rappers to serve one and gain massive popularity through it. On Ehen, Ruggedman took on the ‘whole industry’, he warred against one of the biggest acts then Eedris Abdulkareem, Kennis Music’s own Rasqie, Maintain and even the Black Reverendz, this was the song that set the tone for the new sound of Nigerian rap and actually credited as the one that turned Eedris into a full time singer.

‘No be secret say Remedies dey need remedy, I hear their rap, I laugh, to me nah like comedy/ Eedris and my 5 year old nephew dey rap the same way like say dem born dem on the same day’

  1. A word is enuff for the 9ice- Ruggedman VS 9ice: On this, Ruggedman who had a personal war with friend and colleague, 9ice over accusations of infidelity after a series of other songs chose to end things with this ether filled song, actually one of my favorite Ruggedman songs ever, with the sampling and matured lyrics.

‘I’m your father in the industry son… talk, I’m listening’

  1. Big Bros – Ruggedman VS Kennis: Rugged did not only take on individuals, he also took on corporations, after going at some A-list acts in the likes of Eedris and Rasqie who coincidentally belonged to the same label, the label fought back by supposedly blocking his songs on radio and asking Deejays not to play any of his records. This irked Ruggedman and he had no issues calling out the label owner, Kenny Ogungbe who at that time was termed untouchable in the industry.


Ehis Combs Ohunyon is a music lover and writer, follow on twitter @ehiscombs


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