Peter vs. Paul vs. Jude: See how the Okoye brothers stack up individually

P-Square is at the brink of another major conflict, the kind they had a couple of years ago. Nobody is especially making an argument valid enough for the Okoye brothers to stay together but we have to admit there is a reason the trio have worked perfectly as a single unit over the years.

To prove our point we have broken down the P-Square team into three parts of Jude, Peter and Paul to outline everybody’s function. See our findings below.



He is the Northside-in-charge. capital producer, master manager, two hands in the air baba. Jude is in charge of a couple of P-Square-y things,  like;


giphy (1)
Of course he in charge of the 33% percent rotation formula that is currently sending the group’s members sprawling in opposite directions.

P-Square’s professional cinematographer/director.

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He has directed and co-directed many of P-Square videos for almost their entire career.

Cynthia Morgan’s school father.

He is currently officially bank rolling Cynthia Morgan’s career.
And erm…, he’s packing heat.

New files2

You know, just incase any P-Square member grows too much wings or decide to not cut him a share.



Believe it ot not, Paul is the smarter of the P-Square duo. He was reportedly responsible for doing assignments for himself and his brother while they were in secondary school. Let us take a look at some of Paul’s functions.
The guy that stands around in the video.

P-Square started off as a dance group with Peter being the better dancer. Paul decided not to put all his eggs in one basket by banking on a dance career so he listened in class instead, just in case the dance thing didn’t work out. So he is not much of a dancer guy.

Basically Peter be like.


And Paul be like.




Yes, he is the one responsible for all the horrible but catchy one-liners that have been unleashed upon us all these years.

Dada (Dreadlocks.)

Paul is the more creative of the P-Square so it is only expected that he expresses himself with some psuedo-intellectual natural hair Rastafarian look.


So.. yeah.. shocker, he also has the better voice.

Cameo guy.



Let’s face it, everyone wants more dance than music from P-Square so with Paul being the lesser dancer, he has to hug all the camera time he can while Peter looks for space to breathe.



Everybody may love P-Square, but every body loves Peter more. He is the statuesque beau of the duo, whose abs are more popular than his actual music. So what does he do?

Group crier.


We don’t know why exactly, but everything is emotional for Peter. He is the group’s hot head and automatically the groups cry baby. Sorry Mbok.
Professional bad guy.

New files3
Smile now. Who beat you?

Silent partner.
He is a master of inaudible singing and often supplies muted back up vocals for Paul


Well, what did you expect? He looks like he is photoshopped for God’s sakes. Way to go to set unrealistic standards for other men Peter.


Yeah, he is the Yin dancer to Peter’s Yang singer. Together they formed a duo of entertainer brothers and singers that dance and sing.

What we have here from the breakdown is a perfect combination of departments any multinational company will have. Namely; a corporate HQ which is the role that Jude plays, a creative head, which Paul does by churning out hits and a production department that converts the ideas into physical products which Peter does with his energetic dancing.

Now let’s imagine what will happen if we split their components into single units?


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